Guerlain Shalimar- New Bottle by Jade Jagger

Upon my mid-week excursion to my local Guerlain counter here in Wellington, I was pleased to see the new Shalimar EDP spray bottle designed by Jade Jagger proudly displayed behind the counter. I would love to have picked it up and oohed and ahhed over it, but it was out of bounds for touching and merely a factice for display. I think the design is gorgeous and I am so glad to see the end of those hideous bat wing shaped bottles. The new design harks back to the old classic design, sleek and faceted with the little pedestal on the bottom and a jaunty little bow around the neck. The lid is still plastic and feels out of place, but we can live with that. The juice is still the same Shalimar EDP you could buy last year, last month, last week- the only thing that has changed is the look. It is not to be confused with the new Ode a la Vanille which is a limited edition and will be coming out shortly.

The counter assistant said this newly bottled Shalimar EDP was limited edition, however upon further probing on the net and speaking with a Guerlain counter in Auckland, it was confirmed that the new bottle design is here to stay. I really wish these SA's would get their information correct, as much as I love to be the know-it-all and correct them, its so frustrating when the wrong information is given out and you are pressured into a sale on the assumption it a limited edition and could run out at any given moment.

The newly packaged Shalimar EDP will be available in 30ml and 50ml only.
The 50ml will be $175 NZD and available from Guerlain counters at high end boutique stores such as Kirkcaldies and Smith & Caugheys Queen Street. It will not be available at Farmers or Life Pharmacy.

Tah-Tah! Don't let the door hit your ass on the way out!


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