Good Things Take Time

Today, after having a sample in my possession for at least a year, I fell in love with a new perfume. I cant remember how many times times I tested this one out and simply didn't feel inspired, relegating it back to the dark confines of  the "meh" pile. Now that I think back on it, there have been a few lightbulb moments where I have tried a scent and not thought much of it, and then one day out of nowhere the lightbulb moment happens. I suddenly "get it" and from then on, couldn't imagine my life without it. Angel was the first and it took me a 4 year hiatus from first sniffing it (loathe at first sniff) to then trying it again in the body cream, to fully realise I in fact loved it. Chanel No.5, Lutece, Unforgivable Woman, Nuit de Cellophane, Quel Amour, Petite Cherie, Angel...all instant dismissals on first application, and then fully appreciated upon random rediscovery.

Perfume has a personality just like a person does. It can be complex-high-maintenance-unpredictable or it can be meat and potatoes-safe-and-warm. Of course, there will be a few that you are so offended by at first meeting, that you know you will never respect or want to like a person/perfume like that. Over time, you may run into them again and soften towards them, even appreciate their differences and see some qualities you might like, but still be resolute in your first impressions that you dont want to share your life with them. But the key is, to take your time.

This is why samples are so important, how can you positively be sure a fragrance is not for you, at a perfume counter with a Sales Assistant hovering over you and pressuring you to buy? Its like being chaperoned on a first date. And essentially, trying a new perfume is very much a courtship process that needs privacy and time. You dont need someone asking you right then and there what you're intentions are towards this perfume when you've only just met!

Wherever possible, if it doesnt offend you at first sniff, but looks like it could be a contender in your life- ask for a sample to take away and get to know it in private. Try it when you have no other perfume on and when you wont be too busy too notice how it evolves on you. Sometimes you have to keep at it for a few days before it hits you over the head and weaves its magic...much like realising that horrible boy who teased you in school and made you miserable...was actually kinda cute and sweet when he wasn't around his bravado mates.

So you see, understanding perfume is not that different to understanding people. You have to get to a know them before you can truly know whether you like them or not. Sometimes like turns into love which then turns into happily ever after, and sometimes it can turn into "Thank god I didn't give him my phone number!"


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