Perfume on Trademe

With the ever increasing manufacture of fake perfume, it pays to be cautious and check out who you're buying from and what it is exactly that they're selling. Usually, if the price is too good to be true, then it very well may be. Granted, you may run into a clueless seller who has no idea what the item is worth, but this is very rare.

Here are some of my own personal tips for buying perfume on Trademe. I use these guidelines in my buying and have never been let down.

1. Feedback. Always check the feedback of the seller and look for patterns of complaints, in particular goods that dont meet expectation or not responding to complaints. If they have complaints of not sending goods, sending faulty/questionable goods or selling only small priced items- give it a miss or request to use Safetrader. Remember, some sellers will have a few negative feedbacks, simply because you cannot please 100% of people, 100% of the time. There will also always be people who insist the perfume is fake because it doesnt smell the way they remember it. This doesnt mean they have received a fake perfume, it could very well mean they have received a reformulation- which is unavoidable- or their nose has changed over time and n longer likes the scent. Use perspective when judging feedback and also when leaving your own feedback.
2. Look at their responses to feedback. If they are hostile, abusive, irrational or simply dont respond to negative feedback, give it a miss. A seller with integrity and who is serious about their customer service will do their utmost to reassure future buyers and convey fairness and dignity. If there is a concern you have regarding a seller and their feedback but really want to purchase from them, leave a polite question on their auction and go from how they respond.
3. If they are new sellers and dont have much or zero selling feedback, exercise caution by considering pickup, Safetrader or wait until they accumulate a little more experience.
4. Ask to see the actual photo of the item if they only have a stock picture off the internet.
5. Check the auction photo against photos from the internet or old bottles you have, to make sure you are getting a genuine product. Look at things like the label, the lid, the colour of the perfume and if possible, the label on the bottom.
6. Always use Courier for postage and get a tracking number.
7. If in doubt, leave it out. Go with your gut and dont be tempted by the idea that you will never find a bargain like this again. You will, just not today.

I have compiled a list of my favourite perfume sellers on Trademe that I have personally used and can vouch for in regards to reliability.




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