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Sick of waiting for the Farmers 15% off sales to buy your perfume? Cant find what you want on Trademe?
Below is a list of places that will ship to little old New Zealand. Make sure to check out the shipping rates and promotions before you purchase though, they can change from time to time. You will also need a credit card or Debit Visa to order products online.

Fair prices, some niche fragrances, good customer service with a toll free number. I have only purchased fragrance and bath products from them, and had no real issues with them. However, I have heard that some of their cosmetics are expired. Shipping is usually 4 days to a week. Shipping is not free for perfume, but very reasonable as you will not pay more than $11.00NZD for an entire package. If you add a non-perfume item to your perfume order, shipping then becomes free. Once your package reaches NZ, it is then tracked and delivered by Post Haste Couriers.
Good prices, great selection and fast delivery. My second choice when Strawberrynet doesnt stock what I want. Orders arrive within 7-10 days from dispatch and are packaged very well with free goodies. My only complaint is that shipping is very expensive, ranging from $26-29.95 for one item. The good news is that each subsequent item is only $2 extra, so it works out quite good if your purchase 4 or more items. The most economical way to take advantage of the shipping cost is to do an order with a few friends so you can share the cost of shipping between you.
Your tracking number that Fragrancenet issues will not be able to be tracked until your item reaches NZ. Once it arrives in the country, CourierPost will scan it and it will then become trackable online.
2011 Update: Fragrancenet are haphazardly refusing international customers payment if they use Paypal or Credit Cards. They send out an email after you have placed your order and paid via Paypal telling you they cannot accept your payment and that you must pay via Electronic Bank Transfer (expensive fees attached). Your money sits in a hold for 7 days and is then returned to you. Customer Service is unhelpful and the reason for this is that the billing address and shipping address are not confirmed. Unfortunately, Paypal cannot confirm addresses outside the U.S. so what Fragrancenet is asking is impossible and unreasonable. What makes it worse is that they randomly pick and choose who this rule applies to, and to make it even more confusing- my Paypal payment was rejected one week, so I placed another order the following week and it was accepted without any problems.
2011 Update: After many successful orders with Fragrancex, the shipping times have become extremely slow, I know of some people who are still waiting 4 months later for an order to arrive. FragranceX is not very helpful and simply telling customs that the package might be held in customs. This is not the case as customs do not hold packages of this nature and would contact you within days if for some unknown reason they did decide to hold it. If you insist on ordering from this company, all I can suggest is to use Paypal to pay for your purchases so you have the safety net of lodging a claim within 45 days if your purchase doesn't arrive within this time frame. It is very likely Paypal will refund you. If you are currently waiting on a package from FragranceX and receiving no help from them, please consider placing a complaint with the BBB (Better Business Bureau) which may prompt FragranceX into resolving the matter. FragranceX currently has an "F" rating with the BBB. At this point, I would NOT recommend using FragranceX unless you are happy to wait an unreasonable amount of time with poor customer service.
Love, love, love this place! Some good niche brands, reasonable shipping prices, great customer service. The lady who runs this is so friendly and welcoming and delivery was only 1 week. Fabulous, love it. 
The Mecca of perfume samples and decants. Extensive selection of niche and hard-to-find fragrances.
As I understand it, 3 ladies in 3 different locations run this service, so be prepared for your samples to arrive in up to 3 separate shipments. The good news is you still only pay the one shipping fee. Delivery time frame in my experience has been 4 working days, and the second part of my shipment being 2 weeks. I'm not complaining though, they come well packaged and only had to pay $7.95 for shipping.
This is my second home. Love the sample program and its only $5USD for shipping for your samples. Delivery has always been 4 working days to a week for samples. The shipping for full perfume items is a bit steep at $28-40USD but you know you are getting the real thing and its worth it to get some of the hard to find niche brands. If you order one item you can get shipping for $28 USD but to order two or more, it will cost $40 USD. Its best to do an order with someone else so you can split the cost of shipping between you.
2011 Update:  Fast shipping times for perfume purchases, within a week of dispatch and your package can be tracked on the NZ Post website.
I haven't used these guys yet, but they have a good range and fairly good reputation. See shipping information here.
2011 Update: No longer in business.
I haven't used them before, however I did a mock order and shipping was quite expensive. I have also heard many complaints about them, i.e. customers being sent tester bottles, fragrance that has been sprayed, poor customer service etc. This is one I would say to exercise caution with.  
Again, not a site I have used personally, however, I have heard that they can be very slow in dispatching items and customer service is at the bare minimum. 

Other sites that ship to New Zealand. (I have not used these sites and the shipping costs will vary.)

If possible, whenever buying perfume online- use PAYPAL rather than the websites checkout system. Paypal might be able to help you get refunded  if your goods dont turn up within 45 days.


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