Light Clouds by Moschino

I remember trying this on the run, first sniffing from the neck of the bottle. Nice, clean, sweet. A quick spritz on a card and a few hours later I couldnt stop sniffing it and thinking about a full bottle. It was a week before I got back to the store to try it again, and this time I spritzed a bit more and got to know it a little better.

From first impressions, I got watery, juicy pears- think peeled golden pears swirled in crystal clear water. The ingredients dont mention it, but the opening is all about the pears for me. But what struck me next was an acrid, dry, nail varnish note. I have only ever smelled this note in Michael Kors for Women, and it worked well, giving it a slightly dangerous air. But in this scent, it was rather off-kilter for me. I liked it at first, but as the scent wore on, that cold, metallic-like chemical just bored on into my brain. Maybe its my skin that amps it up, but towards the end of my journey home, driving around corners and ascending to the hilltops, it got a bit much for me and my head started to throb. It simply grabbed hold of the left side of my temple and started to kick me there. In the drydown stages it became apparant why it was there.

Jovan White Musk.

That metallic chemical note dissapated into the whispery 'mould-like' note that I get in JWM. Without it, it wouldn't have the same effect in the drydown and you would be left with a watery top note that frittered away into nothingness. Thank god Jovan got it right though, I cant imagine what I may have had in my bathroom for the past 16 years if it wasnt my nostalgic White Musk.

Now dont get me wrong, this not a bad scent. Its actually really quite nice and I was captured at the first sniff. Overall its a very clean, fruity scent, and if it weren't for that one note, I would be wearing it. The bottle however, would be hidden from view at all times. A plastic Olive Oyl tribute? Some might call it quirky, but I call it tacky.


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