Miel De Bois by Serge Lutens

Miel de Bois. If she were a person, she would be the insipid little flame-haired child that used to torment you at school.

She stings the nostrils, slaps you in the face and then broods for hours, watching you out of the corner of her eye, just waiting for you to give her a reason to get up and give it to you again. We aren't talking sweet, golden honey, this honey is the stinging rage from a hornets nest that has been poked at with a stick. Its indolic, electric, peppery, frantic and alive. The wood isn't there to mingle either, its acts as a barrier to protect you from the buzzing aggressors.

Why would you want to wear something like this you ask? Because quite simply, misery (or aggression in this case) loves company. A spritz of this stuff when you're feeling pissed off with the world, and you've got a partner in crime. An ally, a like-minded aggressor that understands and encourages your expression of frustration and personal angst. Shes there cheering you on when you tell your boss where to shove his miserable job. Shes there helping you set fire to that pile of cheating- ex-husbands-clothes on the front lawn. Lets face it, when you're in a bad mood, you don't want to be reasoned with or hugged, you want someone to validate your anger and give you the permission to do all these vengeful things to get it out of your system.

Understanding and accepting Miel de Bois can only come from confronting her. Its like striking back at that tormenting flame-haired demon, being caught by the teacher and then sentenced to detention together. In the cold hard reality of the detention room, you realise you're not all that different. After all, there's a little of that bitch in all of us. And that's why we love Miel de Bois.

Miel de Bois comes in a 50ml EDP.


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