L'Heure Bleue by Guerlain

Created in 1912 by Jacques Guerlain, the inspiration behind this fragrance was The Blue Hour, a time between sunset and dusk where the sun has dropped below the horizon and casts an ambient hue upon the landscape. Many people describe this scent as melancholy, or sad. I find it simply tranquil. I adore the muted quality of this fragrance, how it doesn't strain to be recognised, but instead speaks in hushed tones, soothing and warm, like a loving mother.

The opening notes are slightly antiseptic, herbal, medicinal, (aniseed, bergamot) but this quickly gives way to the smooth, creamy, indistinguishably mixed heart and base of tuberose, carnation, violet, rose, tonka, iris, benzoin and vanilla. The way these notes are blended would be best described as one-dimensional, there are no surprises or edges or stand out notes. It almost smells like play doh, but this isn't necessarily a bad thing. Its creamy, a little salty, a little powdery, yet sweet and rich. And like play-doh, its pliable, easily wearable and easy to love. Its comforting, and soft.

For me, its the dry, hay-like aspects of L'Heure Bleue that capture my imagination, instantly bringing to mind a scene that you would find in The Grapes of Wrath. A vast, dry arid landscape of withering hay fields, chirping crickets and a hot breeze stirring up lazy dust from the road. With no one around for miles, there you stand in the quiet heat at the crossroads, contemplating which road to take. A lick of excitement intermingled with fear flickers in your belly, when you realise this is the first time you have found yourself truly alone. Its both exhilarating and frightening. Its in this state of recognition where one can begin to find themselves and their true path.

This to me, is L'Heure Bleue.


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