Deseo by Jennifer Lopez

A beautiful, clean, tropical, nature inspired scent. Jennifer says it was inspired by a midnight walk in her garden, moments before a thunderstorm set in, and Deseo does an amazing job of bringing that to our noses.

Lush, green, earthy and unmistakeably tropical. The mineral accord is definitely present from the start, and it does a great job at evoking a midnight tropical garden right before a thunderstorm. You can almost feel the electricity of a looming thunderstorm crackling in the salty night air. The damp earth beneath bare feet, large green leafy plants lazily batting against each another in a warm, tropical night breeze. If you close your eyes you can almost hear the thunder rolling in the distance and the first heavy drops of rain falling on the leaves around you. The coconut is very green and still hanging in the tree, none of the rancid, plastic-like coconut that so many fragrances are doomed to emulate. The delicate white flowers are in full bloom, giving up their scent to the humid windswept breeze. Strangely comforting, yet exciting, like the anticipation of counting down seconds between the lightening and thunder.

This fragrance gets a big thumbs up from me, and is one of my favourites.

Deseo comes in Eau De Parfum, lotion, shower gel and an Eau de Toilette version called Deseo Forever. There is also a male version available.


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