Spray Wars- The Celebrities Fight Back

Its been a while since I've hit the pavement and had myself a sniffathon- but this week, I managed to muster the energy and touch base at all my favourite stores. Unfortunately, there really wasn't much out there, much less one that grabbed me instantly- but what was shocking, was the amount of celebscents everywhere and not only that- there are still more to come!

My little birdy at Farmers told me, that August and beyond will bring some new releases in time for Spring- however the lineup is looking rather celeb-heavy:

-Rihanna: Reb'l Fleur
-Justin Beiber: Someday
-Sean John: Empress
-Jennifer Aniston: The Debut Fragrance
-Taylor Swift: Wonderstruck

It is also confirmed that we will also be getting the debut Jimmy Choo fragrance and Prada's teen-focused "Candy".


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