Perfume Dreams- Eau de Toilet?

Last night I had a ridiculous dream. I was in a department store among a large display of fragrance and body products. For some reason, the perfume ancillary to this dream collection was perched high atop a tower of boxes of lotions and shower gels. I couldnt reach it and I kept thinking to myself "Why would they place it so high out of reach?" The male Sales Assistant was in the toilet and it was frustrating to know he was taking a dump while I was needing his assitance.
It didnt stop me from jumping up and trying to snatch this fragrance from its lofty perch.
In my impatience, I managed to get it down by toppling a couple of boxes underneath it, then catching the bottle as it tumbled down. When I had it in my hands, I realised it was a bottle of Niki de Saint Phalle, however the bottle was shaped liked the Tabu cello although it was still cobalt blue.
(Yesterday I received a bottle of Niki in the mail, so was probably riffing off that.) Applying it, I dont remember much of the smell, but I remembering thinking that it was so much nicer than when I first tried it, and that it was an amazing clean scent and I could understand how my friend said it was her favourite. (I actually do have a friend who holds Niki de Saint Phalle as her favourite perfume ever.)
But the strange thing was, it smelled like my beloved Nuit de Cellophane with a bubblegum sweetness.

Just as I was browsing the rest of the display, the SA came out of the toilet and started bugging me, watching, hovering, and generally being a silent nuinsance in my peripheral vision.
Everytime I picked something up, I felt had to explain to him why I was picking it up and what I thought of the item. I was feeling insecure that he thought I was being a pesky customer and wasnt serious about perfume.
So I pick up this hideous glass ornament, it was like a large glass pebble but inside it was full of water and had some tiny pebbles and some fake coral to look like the bottom of the sea. I told him that this would go so well with my L de Lolita as they share the same theme and aesthetic.

And thats it. 

Maybe there is some divine prophecy that is not apparent to me. Or I could just be crazy.


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