L'Occitane- For the Love of Honey

Deja Vu anyone?
It only seems like last week when they discontinued the original honey line, but to their credit they replaced with the Miel et Citron range which seemed to make people happy. Only now, they are pulling that line too and there is no word as to whether they will replace it with yet another honey inspired line.

I only found out via an impromptu visit to kill time, and saw the discount table with my beloved Miel et Citron sitting there at half price. Now, I'm not complaining about that, but if I had the choice to buy it at half price and never see it again, or to buy at full price and know it will be there when I run out, I would choose the latter.

L'Occitane, for the love of honey, please stop pulling and replacing and leave the honey alone!


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