Caleche Soie de Parfum by Hermes *Discontinued 2010*

Caleche is probably the first perfume that has had the "anti-effect" (that the makers intended it to have) on me.
Now, for most people, Caleche a rather grown up, refined classic aldehyde scent, and may even remind people of their grandmothers.
I too get this, in fact it does somewhat remind me of my dearly departed Nan. The faint waft of Nivea hand cream that went on hands, face, arms, neck....and if you were lucky and Nan had over applied, there was some for you to share off her hands. The powdery talc she has lightly dusted on to help her stockings roll on smoother, and that unmistakably feminine (and affordable) scent of Panache perfume she wore on special occasions and when she went to church.

This is what the nose thinks, but the mind is suspicious, and has other ideas.

Deeper probings discover Caleche is really a playful child-woman scent, masquerading as a grown up. It starts off  with a burst of clean, soapy, slightly dry aldehydes, overflowing from a bath tub full of what appears to be Chanel No.5.
But within seconds, the bubbles subside, emitting dull pops and crackles as they evaporate on the cold lino and you are left with the residual juice. At this point, this is where one strips off, and starts to frolic and slither around on the floor, allowing the skin to mop up that lovely soapy Chanel No.5-esque juice. So now, after considerable slithering and writhing, you are covered in this scented bubble juice and as it warms to the skin, it transforms into a silky-soft, clean and powdery Panache-like drydown, that would content mother enough from checking behind your ears.

See, fragrance can be fun! And as The Joker would say...."WHY SO SERIOUS?"

And thats just it, Caleche is not a completely serious fragrance for me. She smells serious and all the bells and whistles are in place (price included!) but she just doesn't seem to live up to the role model she imitates. Caleche is child dressed in Mommy's dress and shoes, with that wacky, kittenish April Stevens song playing in the background. She is clearly inspired by the epic No.5, but she is just playing dress up and will have to return the dress, pearls and heels back to Mommy's closet at the end of playtime.

Teach me Tiger- April Stevens


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